IT Strategy Framework

IT Strategy Framework (Information Technology Strategy Framework) is a formal definition of the essential elements or components of IT Strategy, and their inter-relationship

  • An IT Strategy Framework is analogous to a mathematical equation or chemical formula in that it specifies the variables or elements, and their relationships required to solve the "IT enabled or driven creation of business value" puzzle.
  • It differs from equations and formulas in the sense that it pertains to one solution - a particular way of solving the strategic puzzle - and is not universally applicable or accepted answer to the strategy problem. There can be many different frameworks for IT strategy each as applicable and effective as the other.
  • It identifies "essential" elements or components i.e. those that are absolutely necessary, and sufficient to define the concept or solution

An IT Strategy Framework can define strategic IT concept(s) in general or relate to a specific IT Strategy solution.

What is not included in an IT Strategy Framework?

An IT Strategy Framework does not include implementation considerations such as timing, steps, deliverables, roles or responsibilities.  
  • It does not provide any timing information on when to execute or create a component
  • It does not provide the steps or sequence of execution
  • It does not specify the deliverable(s) related to each component
  • It does not specify who does what i.e. roles and responsibilities

IT Strategy Framework Examples
This diagram depicts a process to create an IT Strategy. It is not, however, an IT strategy framework because it does not define the essential - necessary and sufficient - elements of an IT Strategy, nor their inter-relationship.

process to create an IT Strategy.

This diagram depicts an IT Strategy Framework as it lists the key parts of an IT strategic plan. However, it could be enhanced to provide the relationship between these elements.

IT Strategy Framework
Source: InfoStretch Corporation

IT Strategy Frameworks

Difference Between Framework and Methodology
IT Strategy Methodology adds implementation considerations such as timing, steps, deliverables, roles and responsibilities to an IT Strategy Framework.

Therefore, an IT Strategy Methodology makes an IT Strategy Framework usable. However, this comes at a cost - a methodology's rigor adds rigidity to a solution. Now, work must be done to adapt it to different situations. Often, this creates issues because of resistance from methodology zealots who have long lost touch with the underlying framework.

Difference Between Framework and Template
A template transforms a framework into a deliverable. It fills in the pieces required to take a concept to a practical solution. A framework is logical whereas a template is physical. IT Strategic Planning Templates provide a boilerplate that can be filled to create a strategic plan for IT.

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