IT Strategy Process

IT Strategy Process are the sequential, and systematic steps taken to create an IT Strategy for information technology of an organization.

An IT Strategy can be developed in phases with each phase a logical grouping of a subset of steps required to create a part of the strategic plan with all phases together comprising all the steps required to create an IT Strategy.

IT Strategy can also be developed in multiple "do and learn" cycles called iterations. An iterative process to formulate IT Strategy usually results in superior business value creation because the team has the benefit of learning from the previous cycle.

Development of IT Strategy usually follows an IT Strategy Framework or IT Strategy Methodology (IT Strategy Framework when combined with an IT Strategy Process is an IT Strategy Methodology).

IT Strategy Process results in the creation of a strategic plan for information technology. This key deliverable produced by this process is based upon an IT Strategy Template which lays out the key elements of the strategy and plan. Therefore, IT Strategy Template is an integral part of the process to create an IT Strategy.

Examples of IT Strategy Process

There is no industry standard for developing an IT Strategy. Consequently, there are many different processes used for strategic planning in an IT Organization. There are common threads between each of these but each is unique in its own way. Here are some samples of processes used for IT Strategic plan development.

Figure 1: IT Strategy Development Process Steps
IT Strategy Process
source: AE Partners

Figure 2: How to Create a Strategic Plan for IT
IT Strategy Development Process
source: CSM Technologies

Figure 3: Steps to Develop and IT Strategy (Align Business with IT)
Steps to Develop and IT Strategy
source: CIO Index

Figure 4: IT Strategy Development Process Steps
Phases in IT Strategy Process

Figure 5: IT Strategy Development Process Steps
IT Strategic Planning Process
source: Puffin Adviors

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