IT Transformation

IT Transformation or Information Technology Transformation encompasses the investment strategies and tactics needed to leverage modern technologies by refreshing the old with the new. IT Transformation is more than mere optimization or modification of engineering components, but is rather a holistic revamp of the existing technology base used to support the company's mission-critical business. IT Transformation is not about changing things for the sake of change, but about better aligning the IT system to the needs of the business.[1]

IT Transformation for an organization is driven by a combination of all of process transformation, technology transformation and data transformation. In order to create a successful IT transformation story, one should identify the problem areas aligned with the long term company strategy; map the existing processes along with the technologies; create the new process based on best practices (make sure the company strategy is in line); identify the gaps from the process, technology, and data angles; create roadmaps for the implementation; and then drive the execution. The final step for the successful completion of the IT transformation is the implementation of the organizational change management. This needs to be part of the overall execution of the IT transformation plan.[2]

IT Transformation
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