Network Motif

What is Network Motif?

A network motif is a recurring pattern of connections within a network that is more frequent than would be expected by chance. Network motifs are thought to play a significant role in the function and behavior of networks, as they can influence the flow of information, the transmission of signals, and the overall structure and stability of the network.

There are many different types of network motifs, including feedforward loops, bi-fan structures, and triads. Each type of motif has its own unique properties and functions, and can be found in a wide variety of network systems, including biological, social, and technological networks.

The identification and analysis of network motifs has been an active area of research in the field of network science, as it is believed that understanding the role of motifs in networks can provide insight into the underlying mechanisms that govern their behavior. Network motifs are often studied using computational techniques, such as graph theory and statistical analysis, to identify and quantify their occurrence in different types of networks.

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