Statement of Requirements (SoR)

A statement of requirements serves as a legal agreement to provide tangible or intangible goods and services of the appropriate quality on schedule. In serving this purpose, the SOR dictates when and how the contract worker gets paid for reaching each milestone in the project schedule. Statement of requirements (SOR) provides a map of each project as requested and agreed upon by you, the client and any other stakeholders involved. Once written, signed and accepted by all parties, the statement of requirements delineates all of the milestones between beginning the project and delivering all of the modules of each stage of the endeavor. In some jurisdictions, the SOR must contain clear language readable by someone with no more than an eighth-grade education, or it may not have any validity. Thereby, the SOR protects you from litigation due to not being able to fulfill your obligations to your client and any applicable regulatory bodies.[1]


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