System Integration Testing (SIT)

What is System Integration Testing (SIT)

System integration testing (SIT) is a type of testing that is used to verify that the various components of a system are working together as intended. It is typically performed after the individual components of the system have been tested and are known to be working correctly.

SIT is often used to test systems that have been built using components from multiple sources, or that have been customized or configured in some way. It involves testing the interfaces and interactions between the components of the system, as well as the overall functionality of the system as a whole.

SIT is an important step in the development and deployment of systems, as it helps to ensure that the system is reliable and performs as intended. It is often performed by a team of testers who are familiar with the system and its components, and who have access to the necessary testing tools and infrastructure.

SIT typically involves creating and executing a set of test cases that are designed to exercise the various components and interfaces of the system. The results of the testing are used to identify and resolve any issues or problems that are discovered, and to verify that the system is ready for deployment.

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