The Value Model™ (VM)

The Value Model™ (VM) is a holistic model of how to create unrivalled customer value in products, systems and services. The Value Model explains how customer value works and how customer value is made a practical tool – from market segmentation and discovering the business opportunity all the way to product launch. The model as a whole handles agile product development in a multi project environment. It is sometimes described as the core of UX design.One of the success factors of The Value Model is the information structure in which the information concerning the value creation process is organized. The information structure is designed based on how the human mind works. It connects the different domains of information and phases of the development process and gives traceability with a minimum of documentation. The model is used in parts by small product and business development projects as well as in whole R&D organizations. When used as a company strategy and as a platform for customer value development, the tools and methods support Research and Development, Market and Sales. The model help management in balancing the company resources in PD projects, long term research and technology development. [1]

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