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[[Customer Needs]]<br />
[[Customer Needs]]<br />
[[Customer Psychographics]]<br />
[[Customer Psychographics]]<br />
[[Customer Retention]]<br />
[[Customer Service]]<br />
[[Customer Service]]<br />
[[Customer Service Management]]<br />
[[Customer Service Management]]<br />
[[Customer Relationship Management (CRM)]]<br />
[[Customer Relationship Management (CRM)]]<br />
== References ==
== References ==

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Business Dictionary defines Customer Perceived Value (CPV) as "the anticipated benefit from a consumer's perspective of a product or service." The customer perceived value stems from tangible, psychological and social advantages, and since it affects demand for a product, it needs to be taken into account when setting prices.[1]

Customer perceived value is a concept widely used in marketing and branding circles. Customer perceived value is the notion that the success of a product or service is largely based on whether customers believe it can satisfy their wants and needs. In other words, when a company develops its brand and markets its products, customers ultimately determine how to interpret and react to marketing messages. Companies spend significant time researching the market to get a sense of how customers think and feel. Customer perceived value is the notion that the success of a product or service your business offers hinges on whether customers believe it can satisfy their wants and needs.[2]

Customer Perceived Value is the evaluated value that a customer perceives to obtain by buying a product. It is the difference between the total obtained benefits according to the customer perception and the cost that he had to pay for that. Customer perceived value is seen in terms of satisfaction of needs a product or service can offer to a potential customer. The customer will buy the same product again only if he perceives to be getting some value out of the product. Hence delivering this value becomes the motto of marketers.

Customer Perceived Value = Total Perceived Benefits – Total Perceived Costs

The CPV is kind of an evaluation done by customer on what value a product or a service would be able to provide if he/she buys it by paying money.[3]

Customer Perceived Value (CPV)
source: Marketing91

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