MOST (Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics) Analysis

The MOST Analysis is an analytical technique used for strategic planning and strategy development. The technique is used to evaluate what an organization wants to achieve (through a mission statement and objectives) and how it wants to achieve this (through strategy and tactics). This simple tool starts with the organization’s mission statement at a high level, then goes into more detail about individual tactics. Within the planning process, it’s important that there should be a logical connection between the mission and what is done daily to achieve it. The name MOST Analysis is an acronym composed of the following four elements:

  • Mission: The mission defines in which industry the organization operates and what it wants to achieve there in the long term.
  • Objectives: Objectives are goals by which the organization’s success can be measured.
  • Strategies: Strategies are medium-term to long-term approaches to achieving the organization’s objectives.
  • Tactics: Tactics define the short-term activities and projects with which the strategy is implemented[1]

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