PAEI Management Model

What is PAEI Management Model

The PAEI management model is a framework for analyzing and managing organizational change. It was developed by the Croatian management consultant Marijana Vukasović and is based on the idea that different types of change require different approaches and leadership styles.

The PAEI model identifies four types of change, each represented by a different letter:

  • P: proactive change, which involves taking the initiative and driving change forward
  • A: adaptive change, which involves adapting to external changes or challenges
  • E: evolutionary change, which involves continuous improvement and incremental changes
  • I: innovative change, which involves making significant, disruptive changes to the organization

The model suggests that different leadership styles are required for each type of change. For example, proactive change may require a leader who is assertive and decisive, while adaptive change may require a leader who is flexible and open to new ideas.

The PAEI model can be a useful tool for organizations that are looking to manage change effectively. By understanding the different types of change and the leadership styles that are best suited to each, organizations can better align their change management efforts with their goals and needs.

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